Classic Cover: The Congregation – “Devil Inside” (original by INXS)

On September 29th The Congregation released a hard-hitting music video for “Devil Inside”, fit only for those righteous enough to sell their soul. Characterized by Clayton Bellamy’s blazing guitars and signature blues-fueled vocals, the sinful music video welcomes Spooktober in “horrific” fashion. Celebrating the beloved rock genre in all its glory, the track was originally performed by Australian rock visionaries INXS. The video captures the timeless classic in new ways never heard before.

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INXS rang in the 35th Anniversary of their 1987 record Kick, on October 12th which featured the original “Devil Inside” track. Clayton Bellamy comments,:

INXS had an edge. They were visionaries, and they elevated the rock genre. The song has always been a favourite. I think we’ve done something really exciting to bring this song a whole new life. We wanted to shake things up, and put a real alternative spin on a legendary song.

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