Video Exclusive: Ashen Reach – Epiphany

Liverpool rockers Ashen Reach today launch their third single, “Epiphany”, from their debut album Homecoming which will itself be released in November.

Ashen Reach have a new, bigger and better sound and “Epiphany” will surely get them a far bigger audience than ever before. Having recently interviewed vocalist Kyle and guitarist Paddy, they were both so eager to get the new song out there and it’s easy to see why. Ashen Reach had previously released “Prey” and “Tear it Down”, but this video shows the more melodic side to the band.

With a riff that oozes class, a rhythm section that is as strong as a rock and Kyle’s outstanding clear vocals, this is a song to listen to over and over again. Ashen Reach have found the sound they have been looking for and I for one will be buying the album when it comes out.


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Epiphany is out now

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