Solaris premiere new video for “Voce” right here!

Noise rocker Solaris are releasing a new video right now and we have the pleasure of showing it to you first! The song, “Voce”, comes from Solaris’ debut album Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte.

This debut album settles Solaris deep into the prosperous Italian underground scene by means of six inspired tracks recorded and mixed by iconic producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane). From noise to heavy psych, Solaris juggle with noteworthy influences such as Helmet, Shellac or The Jesus Lizard. Their tortured melodies produce mechanical and resonant emotions to the listener, definitely absorbed by their sonic invitation.

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If you want to order the album, head to their bandcamp page. The band told us the following about the song and video itself:

The video represents the foggy themes of the lyrics. The beginning, starting out with clear sounds, passes through distortions and dissonances, resulting in a finalé marked by metallic sounds. The help of Martin Bisi was fundamental: he used all his creativity to insert those sounds inside the song the best way.

The amber tones of the video, edited by our drummer Alan with scenes from Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, define what is the intensity of this song for us, with every single detail.

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Solaris: wordpress | facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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July 9, 2020 5:22 PM

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