Places Around The Sun release new video / single from upcoming album

Portuguese heavy rock band Places Around The Sun is gearing up to release their third full-length album this summer. This self-titled work embodies the band’s eclectic, Western-tinged sound and the progression of their musical mission.

The band’s debut album, Still Here, was released in 2016. António Santos and João Gomes recorded and produced in their second album Pluto in their home studio, resulting in a heavier, more experimental sound. In 2018, that album was released and presented live in the Sabotage Rock Club, one of Lisbon’s most high-profile music venues.

The band’s interest in experimenting with other music genres and in exploring a more danceable sound was evident in two recent singles: “Shots On The House” (2019) and “Moon Daisy” (2020). These songs paved the way for a new album, recorded and produced by Vítor Carraca Teixeira at Poison Apple Studios. The album is scheduled to be released on September 25th.

And now, we have a sample from Places Around The Sun – “Chasing Tails”!

To conceive their third album, Places Around The Sun drew inspiration from the symbolism attributed by the ancient Egyptians to the scarab beetle. By associating this insect with rebirth and the sun’s movement, they thought it was responsible of carrying the sun beyond the horizon at the end of each day so it could rise again – an eternal cycle. The album has three different phases – Sunset, Night and Sunrise –, which mirror the ideal of transformation that the band sought to translate in both the lyrical themes and the musical atmosphere.

“Chasing Tails” is part of the Night chapter, which represents the unknown, and focuses on an individual’s awareness of the existence of an emotional loop that continuously leads to the disabling feelings of anxiety and insecurity. The single’s music video reflects these obstacles by representing an interrogation room that is controlled by each of us.

Lead singer António tells us:

This song was a hard one to write, it was the first song we came up with and the last one to get finished on the record. It’s a song about a place we find ourselves from time to time, swimming in a sea of anxiety and emotional drainage without realizing that something has to change in our lives, and we keep doing the same old things all over again hoping for different results. It was kind of funny that what we needed to make in the song for it to get finished was exactly that.

Places Around The Sun: facebook | instagram | youtube | spotify

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