Band of the Day: Jet Fuel Chemistry

Throw out your ostentatious guitar solos, your gimmicky group costumes, and your oh-so-brootal breakdowns, Jet Fuel Chemistry are here to show you that you don’t need any of that to produce a truly weighty track. The Dublin-based hard rock quartet have just released their newest single, Phantom, which ultimately amounts to five minutes of stripped back and raw rock that will have you banging your head in no time. Focusing entirely on the music, Jet Fuel Chemistry haven’t held back on creating a track that rocks hard and takes no prisoners.

Phantom is an untamed and feral beast. It is ferocious, wild, and free. Get too close, and you may lose a finger (or an arm), but observe it from a distance, and you will admire its true majesty. From this distance, you will notice that the crunchy, savage sounding guitar riffs which repeat throughout actually form together to create a groove, a sound which you can’t help but fall in to. This is the power of Phantom; its ability to act wickedly heavy while still managing to maintain melodious. It treads a thin line, yet does so with the expert precision of a tight-rope walker.

The rawness of Phantom is its strength. Capitalizing on gruff and bare sounds, Jet Fuel Chemistry have proven that there is no need for over the top fanciful efforts, and that throaty vocals, catchy riffs, and a ‘this is who we are, deal with it’ attitude goes much further in creating a truly spectacular track. Jet Fuel Chemistry are already making inroads in the Irish rock scene, but with the release of Phantom, they have made a step outside of that niche, showing that they have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys of rock. Watch this space, we’ll sure as hell be hearing bigger things from Jet Fuel Chemistry soon.

Phantom is out now and is available to [amazon text=download from Amazon&asin=Y5QHAbGYT53Y4].

Jet Fuel Chemistry: facebook | instagram | youtube

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