Old-school weekend

Just a random post about my listening habits this weekend. I get a ton of new releases each week to listen to and try to write something about. I skip far more than I include on the page, but this is purely down to time limitation rather than any of the stuff being shit. I try … Continue reading Old-school weekend

New Band of the Day: PowerGlove

After reminding myself of their existence yesterday and discovering that they seem to be in the process of working on new material it made some kind of sense to unleash the 80's and 8-bit influenced PowerGlove on you. Named for the ill-fated NES control device (the Power Glove - two words), this speed/power metal combo … Continue reading New Band of the Day: PowerGlove

Videogame Metal?!

Genius. Pure genius. I just found a new website called "moshable.com". With a name like that I just had to check it out. It's a community site based on music and primarily for unsigned and independent acts. Most of them are rock/metal of some genre or other, but there's a bit more in there too. … Continue reading Videogame Metal?!