Old-school weekend

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Cover of "Seasons in the Abyss"
Cover of Seasons in the Abyss

Just a random post about my listening habits this weekend.

I get a ton of new releases each week to listen to and try to write something about. I skip far more than I include on the page, but this is purely down to time limitation rather than any of the stuff being shit. I try to get as much up as I can, but I’m only one (old!) individual with kids and a job to worry about!

One of the things I do miss out on with focussing so much on new bands and albums is my collection of old stuff. So yesterday I decided to kick back and just shove nothing but classic rock/metal on the mp3 player and revel in the good old days.

And just for giggles, here’s my playlist:

Love/Hate – Blackout in the Red Room I’ve already featured this in the Golden Oldies category and I love it. It’s never aged, for me, and I could put it on any time. One of the best sleezy rock albums of all time from a band who were never as huge as they deserved to be.

Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss (and a bit of Show No Mercy when the player ran on) My personal favourite of the Slayer albums, though it’s a close call with the obvious Reign in Blood.

Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain OK, this is the exception being a definite none-oldie. I think this is probably the best album they’ve done to date – an impressive thing to manage after 25 years.

Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks Amazingly an album I’ve not had for very long at all. One of those I’d heard of, but hadn’t heard (apart from the obvious few tracks). Damn, but it’s good. I was staggered to realise that it’s the only full album of all-new material that the band ever released! Everything else was some kind of compilation, best of, singles collection or something (correct me if I’m wrong?).

Patent Pending – Hey Mario My son loves this song, and I’m taking our eldest to see them (again) in a couple of weeks.

Batman – Powerglove Again, for the boy. Dug out the video on YouTube for him. Well, I say “for him” when we all know I’m a geek…

Nice to take a break from the new stuff for a change! Back onto listening to demos, debut albums and new releases today!

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