Moshville Times World Tour: “F”

Heavy metal, a genre known for its global reach, thrives in countries that start with the letter "F." These nations contribute diverse bands that bring unique elements to the metal spectrum. Here are four heavy metal acts from these "F-list" countries that deserve your attention: 1. Finland: Insomnium Finland has long been a hotbed for … Continue reading Moshville Times World Tour: “F”

2018 Crew Review: Jim Costin – Senior Editor

Is it really the end of 2018? This year has gone far too quickly for me and has been a little more challenging than others. Real life duties have sadly kept me from doing as much with the site but hopefully that will change soon. There have been some amazing shows I have been to … Continue reading 2018 Crew Review: Jim Costin – Senior Editor

Interview: Theodor Kapnas of Hamferð

Hamferð released their brand new album, Támsins likam (reviewed here) about 3 weeks ago to a rather positive reception from both the fans and the media as a whole. Prior to the release, I had the opportunity to send a few questions over to guitarist Theodor Kapnas for some insight as to what inspires the band to … Continue reading Interview: Theodor Kapnas of Hamferð

Review: Hamferð – Támsins likam

In my 2017 year end review, I mentioned that this album was one that I was looking forward to in the new year. Now I will admit that there are some bands that I listen to who can be considered a little left-field, but Hamferð are one of those bands that are, in my opinion, … Continue reading Review: Hamferð – Támsins likam