Black Spiders detail new album

Back in June of 2017, Sheffield rock beasts Black Spiders waved goodbye to an army of loyal fans with some sonically charged shows all over the UK before retreating into the shadows to lick their wounds and shed their skins. And then, in November of 2020, with the world in the grips of the Coronavirus … Continue reading Black Spiders detail new album

2017 Crew Review – Ryan Whitwell, photographer / reviews

Most recently, Ryan's been covering the London Metal 2 the Masses gigs - in fact, he's their official photographer under the guise of ShotIsOn Media! He also pops into the occasional gig in London and grabs some photos for us when he's there. Here's his roundup of 2017... Best New Album: Wolves in the Throne … Continue reading 2017 Crew Review – Ryan Whitwell, photographer / reviews

2014 Year In Review: Top Gigs – Ross

  2014. What a year it’s been. Lemmy showed there’s still life in the old dog, trailers for Star Wars and Terminator movies proved franchises can be further run into the ground, U2 decided to give away their newest album for free; probably because no one sensible would actively buy a U2 album and Gene … Continue reading 2014 Year In Review: Top Gigs – Ross

Black Spiders – Glasgow Cathouse

Black Spiders are pretty representative of how I like my rock: loud, hard and full of lyrics of giving the middle finger to society. That’s exactly what their two albums consist of: riffs, wailing vocals and thundering drums. Given their inspiration by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead, it’s only natural to hear their influences shine … Continue reading Black Spiders – Glasgow Cathouse

Volbeat – Glasgow Garage

[more pics of this gig in the related Flickr collection] This will have to be a very quick review as I'm absolutely knackered, have work in the morning and Bowling For Soup to see tomorrow night. Quick back story. I'd really never heard of Volbeat until their gig was advertised on Rock Radio (sadly rebranded this … Continue reading Volbeat – Glasgow Garage