New Band of the Day: F.K.Ü.

F.K.Ü. - Mosh Monsters
F.K.Ü. – Mosh Monsters

Uppsala in Sweden must have something dodgy in the water supply to have created F.K.Ü. This “horror thrash metal” band take the ideals of the likes of Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13 and set them to a slightly faster tempo.

Definitely a silly band, but that doesn’t detract from the music. And hell, isn’t metal supposed to be fun? Any band made up of guys with these names is obviously out to drink beer and take the piss:

  • Larry Lethal – Vocals
  • Pete Stooaahl – Guitars
  • Pat Splat – Bass
  • Dr. Ted Killer Miller – Drums

Napalm Records have, justifiably, signed this bunch of lunatics who cite their influences as “80’s horror flicks and old copies of Metal Forces magazine” (source: their facefart page). Their current release is entitled 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers, so I am assuming they have three earlier collections of thrash/horror mental-ness to enjoy.

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