Single Review: Between Thorns – Can’t Let Go

There’s always a touch of trepidation when you go to see a band and you’ve not heard single thing about the opening act. 99% of the time, you’ll have seen the name somewhere or heard of them in passing. But for Between Thorns opening for The Virginmarys in Manchester, this wasn’t the case. As the Macclesfield five-piece did the honours to a rapidly filling venue on a dark Saturday night, they rightfully ended up with a fair share of compliments.

Jump forward a few weeks and their latest single, “Can’t Let Go”, is in my inbox. Having been knocking around for a number of years already, their youth belies their experience, and it bleeds from the music. With slick production and songwriting which is years, ahead of them, it makes older bands sound immature in comparison.

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A pop polish covers their alternative and punk-leaning sound reminiscent of early Muse (ie when they were good), making for a punchy, captivating listen. Razor sharp guitars blend effortlessly into darker and moodier soundscapes to create something more wide and open in the verses with hints of indie and a touch of shoegaze slipping through.

Yet, when the more aggressive chorus kicks in, there’s no whiplash. It’s a subtle turn upwards as they go full pelt. Instead, it’s this symbiotic sound which keeps the song fresh and interesting and as the more traditional hard rock outro finishes (and even that doesn’t feel out of place), you expect another round of the chorus. Instead, it just makes you want to hear the song again.

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Originality is a hard thing to find nowadays as new bands continue to plumb old depths. However, Between Thorns have managed it and other bands should not only be jealous with the seemingly ease with which they’ve done it, but they should also be taking notes. There’s chemistry baked into the recording which, combined with the professionalism and proficiency across the music, gives the song further depth, never feeling like each member is just playing their individual part. “Can’t Let Go” is an incredible piece of art and if they keep improving with every release and live performance, in time, they’ll be monsters.

Header image by Steve Thornhill

“Can’t Let Go” is out now

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