Single Review: Expedition – “Within The Shadows”

Hurtling in from Donegal are Expedition, a four-piece heavily influenced by classic thrash acts. Last week they released their debut single, “Within The Shadows”, and we were invited to take it for a spin.

The track opens with a simple repeated riff, with drums kicking in after a few seconds – a classic routine. The riff gets bent out of shape while the pounding continues, we have some guitar flurries and then the vocals arrive. It’s a traditional thrash / heavy metal arrangement, but why mess with something that’s worked for decades? Just over the halfway mark, the song changes pace a little and speeds up as we go into the final furlong. The twin guitars can be heard separately (one keeping rhythm while a nice thrashy solo takes over) and “Within The Shadows” gallops to the finish line.

I found the mix a little trebly on the cymbals, but the bass notes and drums rumble the speaker in a very satisfying manner, and the vocals are clear as a bell over the top. While not breaking the originality mould, this is a more than decent first outing for a new band. Scroll down a bit and hit the play button to check it out for yourself!

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Expedition: facebook | instagram | spotify | tiktok

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