Gig Review: Born of Osiris / Oceans Ate Alaska / Paledusk – Underworld, London (1st July 2023)

A sold-out show in the capital served well as a pre-UK Tech-Metal Festival warm up gig for Born of Osiris, ahead of their Sunday headline slot. The five-piece progressive metalcore outfit were primed for a stuffy and heavy London summer’s night!

First up on the bill were Japanese experimental metal band Paledusk. The crowd experienced a crazy mix of metal, EDM and rap. The FX samples sprinkled into the breakdowns gave 2010s metalcore vibes, only to be broken up by a hip-pop rap sections. The band showed plenty of energy, getting the crowd singing along to “SLAY!!” – you wouldn’t have been able to tell this was their first show in London!

Next up were, Oceans Ate Alaska, hailing from Birmingham… a lot closer to home. The tech-metalcore outfit were impressively tight on the night. In particular, it was clear that the audience were in awe of the way drummer Chris so nonchalantly executed polyrhythms, blast beats and time signature changes! The band showcased tracks off their latest record Disparity as well as throwbacks from Lost Isles and Hikari. Vocalist James had the crowd wrapped around his finger, orchestrating one of the largest circle pits I’ve seen at Camden Underworld! Oceans Ate Alaska ended with “Escapist”, a personal favourite of mine, keeping the crowd on its toes with its differing sections and gnarly slowed down breakdowns.

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Born of Osiris took to the stage, finding themselves in front of an endearing London crowd – one they hadn’t been in front for over seven years! The band kicked off with an old fan favourite “Bow Down” with the first few words of the song erupting the crowd into a giant mosh pit… perfectly setting the scene for the rest of the show.

The first half of their set featured several tracks off their latest record Angel Or Alien such as such as “Poster Child” and “White Nile”. The iconic Phrygian sounding melodic synth lines over syncopated chugs resonated throughout the venue as people moshed and crowd surfed away.

Vocalist Ronnie had the crowd jumping up and down to “Under Gun” further heating up the already sauna-like atmosphere that anybody would experience at Camden Underworld. The second half of the set featured a few tracks off The New Reign, Born of Osiris’ first release, a nice throwback for those long supporting fans. The night ended on “Machine”, with the distinguished sweep guitar solo sections moving the crowd. It’s safe to say Born of Osiris were both physically and mentally warmed up for their upcoming festival slots!

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Header photo by Josh Skolnik

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