Album Review: All Consumed – Hallowed Violence

Preston’s All Consumed return with fourth album Hallowed Violence.

Straight out the gate as rabid as a zombie horde is “Penitence” which, alongside pounding drums, has a really prominent bassline and solid guitar solos. Following this is “Upon the Altar” with a slower tempo before the fury charges full on into title track “Hallowed Violence”. This number has a really nice groove embedded in its maniacal delivery.

“Sacrifice” has a really nice DIY Crust vibe to it, the slower parts really highlight the vocals and for me also has the best solos of the album. This is paired perfectly with “Slaughtered by Greed”.

The album strikes a great balance of tones and tempos of which “Sins of the Father” is a prime example. Completing an unholy trinity are “Unjustified Warfare” and “Desecration”.

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Moving into “Tormented” demonstrates the maturity of the band’s ferocity, easily one of the most punishing yet technically-constructed tracks of the album. Finally “Embrace Your Demise” swarms like a freshly disturbed hornets nest and concludes the studio tracks with just as much bludgeoning with which it began.

Alongside the ten studio tracks, included are three live renditions of “Sins of the Father”, “Skin Teeth” and “Limbless”. The last two I am really excited to see as “Skin Teeth” is a throwback from the band’s 2014 demo. I can’t fault this choice at all and it also gives the album an overall different dynamic.

Laden with a savage urgency.

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The other Rick(y) has also sat down with the band in a recent interview.

Hallowed Violence is out now

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