Gig Review: Incubus – The Royal Albert Hall, London (29th September 2022)

It’s been two years since California’s Incubus were due to perform in the UK during the midst of the pandemic, but sadly had to cancel for obvious reasons. The stage for tonight’s show couldn’t be any more fitting: the legendary Royal Albert Hall in the heart of London. I’m sure many people will agree when I say nothing quite brings out the best in a band like playing this venue, and this show proved to be no exception.

With a stunning light show, several video screens on stage and a huge sound complimented by the natural reverb of the building, I believe this was the ride Incubus intended us to take!

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Throughout the show the band demonstrated their true musical diversity with a host of wonderful sounds. From full-on, heavy anthems with powerful choruses such as “Pardon Me” and “Nice To Know You” which had the crowd at frontman Brandon Boyd’s fingertips, to a completely different world with hypnotic guitar magic from Mike Einziger in the song “Warmth”. The crowd were in absolute awe at this performance.

Midway through their set, Einziger traded his Telecaster guitar in for an acoustic and both himself and Boyd jumped into the spotlight to perform a haunting rendition of “Mexico”. Incubus ended on the huge hit single from their third album, Make Yourself… Of Course, it had to be “Drive”. I don’t think there was one person in attendance who wasn’t singing along!

A fantastic way to polish off the first of two shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

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Photos by Lawrence Potter

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