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Israeli progressive/avantgarde metal band Omb take the stage today. Originally formed in Haifa (been there) in 2009 and playing under the name Of Marble’s Black, they changed their name and direction after a couple of years.

Bored of the traditional, middle-of-the-road metal they’d been playing they decided a change of name would allow them to break free and experiment with a more progressive sound. The result is this year’s SwineSong album – just out a couple of days ago.

It’s an eclectic mix which seems to start of very slowly with a spoken-word track and light instrumentals. Then the rockier elements kick in… And compared to a lot of prog stuff, it’s pretty heavy. There are elements of a folk sound in there as well which made me think of Skyclad when I first heard it.

With ten tracks on there, there’s plenty of variety and somehow they make it all gel together despite the vast number of styles (and instruments!) present.

Less off-the-wall than some progressive material I’ve heard, this is a fairly easy album to get into. As ever, there’s a sample below and you can get a wodge more information and listen to more on their official page or their facefart page.

In fact, you can stream the whole album here to decide whether you want to fork our your hard-earned shekels (or other currency) for it.

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