Gig Review: Ward XVI / Death Ingloria / Aliceissleeping – Electrowerkz, London (15th April 2022)

Aliceissleeping (c) Kracken Photography

This was my first time visiting Electrowerkz, a small nightclub venue hidden in the depths of central London, however, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to spend my Friday night.

First up onto the stage is Aliceissleeping, a London-based “Band that played a blend of 90s grunge and 70s hard rock.” A unique and unusual band from the local area, for fans of “Rush, Smashing pumpkins, and early Queen”. However, their music is quite eclectic and doesn’t just fit into one sound or sub-genre, I found myself more intrigued as their set went on and by the end, I was totally hooked.

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Death Ingloria (c) Kracken Photography

Second up were anime and comic-based rock band Death Ingloria (whom apparently only sell albums in comic book form, how neat!), who brought an interesting mix of comic and sci-fi into their music, with an audio-visual comic projection that runs parallel that really helped in bringing their music to life. A story that ranges from the monotony of human day-to-day life like ignoring emails or memos to dealing with the destruction of human life in a humorous way.

Last, but definitely not least, are headliners Ward XVI who ended the night in the best way possible with a killer mixture of horror and captivating theatrics they are definitely ones not to miss. From music based on popular horror films to general asylum antics, they really know how to put on a show that will blow you away. This has probably been one of the most exciting shows that I have been to, to date, from nearly dropping my camera when being scared by the crew to being chased around the venue with a chainsaw. It is safe to say that it was an adrenaline-filled evening.

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Photos by Kraken Of Moshville Times

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Aliceissleeping: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtubebandcamp

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