Gig Review: Collected / Revenant / Spoiler – The Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester (18th Feb 2022)

Collected (c) Lawrence Potter

I must admit I almost didn’t make this one due the effects of storm Eunice that hit earlier in the day! Luckily it had cleared up enough I was able to drive down to the show. I’ve seen these guys a few times now and they never disappoint! For those who haven’t heard of Collected, they are a five piece progressive metal band. Think Tesseract and Monuments and you’ll be in the ball park of their sound, but these guys undoubtedly have a unique sound.

The night kicked off with Revenant. I wasn’t too familiar with these guys but they definitely set the tone for the night. I would describe their sound as an interesting mix of grime with definite metal influences thrown in. Revenant knew how to start off the night right, even throwing in a couple of Linkin park and Slipknot covers to get the crowd buzzing.

Next up was a modern metalcore band named Spoiler. These lads gave the crowd a hefty dose of heavy riffage and brutal breakdowns to get everyone well and truly hyped. Unfortunately, this was another band I wasn’t too familiar with but after seeing them live I’ll be on the lookout for more of their upcoming shows!

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By the time Collected took to the stage the crowd were well and truly pumped up. Kicking the set off with the title track of the EP they were here to launch – “Say When”. This song has been out for a couple of weeks now so most people were familiar enough to join in on this one. From here on the set was a consistent entourage of beautiful melodic vocal lines and clean guitar perfectly matched with heavy djent-inspired riffs. Collected didn’t just stick to the new EP, they also pulled out some of their earlier material as well. Mixed with an energetic performance, many times the front man, Liam, entering the crowd and getting everyone involved, which in my opinion can really make a night memorable. These guys are prime examples that local and unsigned bands are can be worth dragging yourself out to venues for, even if the weather is pretty dismal!

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Photos by Lawrence Potter

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