Gig Review: M2tM London Heat 12 @ Big Red – 18th March 2018

Sunday 18th was Heat 12 of Metal to the Masses London at The Big Red in Holloway. Tonight there were only three bands as one band had to drop out – also Sepultura and Cannibal Corpse were playing in London that night so a big thank you to those who came down to support some unsigned local bands. As Mick Wood likes to say, “They are the unseen, you are the scene”.

Core of iO (c) Danni Garner

It was a freezing cold night, so once everyone was settled in with drink and thawed out a bit the first band came on stage to get people moving and warmed up. A grindcore band called Crusm, with a severed hand swinging from a chain attached to his mic, the frontman growled at the audience getting our attention and the whole band gave a head banging performance. You can hear what they sound like on Bandcamp.

Nunchucker were up next, a rock band who to me are akin to The Rolling Stones in terms of the sound and performance by front-man Chris Tate. They thrashed out some toe tapping, hip swinging tunes to get the crowd moving. Have a listen for yourselves on Soundcloud or go see them playing on Sunday 25th at Four Sticks, the classic rock all-dayer.

Nunchucker (c) Danni Garner

Bob Tett, Luke Stenlake, Richard Carter and Gareth Sidwell make up tech-metal/progressive rock band Core of iO. These guys were some of the happiest musicians to play at M2tM, as in they really expressed it. I don’t think I took one picture of drummer Richard without a smile on his face. Rightly so, they were energetic and passionate and the audience fed off of it. Their 2017 EP Part II: Europa is available now.

The winners of the night were Core of iO and Nunchucker, with Crusm going through to the Circle Pit. No Metal 2 the Masses this coming Sunday – it is back for the Mosh Pit event on April 1st.

Photos by Danni Garner

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