Band of the Day: Rosen

How do you fancy listening to a harsh social commentary all wrapped up in a groovy, nu-metal style rock track? No? Too bad, sometimes you have to face the things that scare you, a fact that Rosen understand all too well with their brand new single “Riot”. After recently premiering the track, we here at Moshville Towers decided to feature Rosen as our Band of the Day and dig a little deeper in to their most recent release.

Previously, Rosen released “High Tech Low Life”, a scathing look in to modern culture’s obsession with social media and the ways in which it can negatively affect a person’s way of thinking. Now, the eternally angry boys of rock are back, and they’re not kidding about this time. With a single titled “Riot”, the subject matter is not too difficult to decipher. The single takes a hard look at the way in which riots are perceived within contemporary society; are they a way for the common people to rebel against corruption, or are they an easy route for violence and vandalism? We’ll let you decide that one on your own after a few listens.

Musically, Rosen follow very much in the vein of early 00s rock, with KoRn coming to mind in particular. The ‘street metal’ style of play, where rap elements are incorporated in to a typically metal song, is very prominent within the single. Often this style of play can feel dated or overused, yet it is the fact that the music is reserved, coming second to the lyrics which take the forefront, that allows the ‘street metal’ style to feel perfectly natural.

If you fancy having your ideologies and perceptions on modern life challenged, then Rosen is the band for you, a group who could potentially be the 21st century version of Rage Against the Machine.

Riot is out Friday 16th of March and is available to listen to via spotify.


Rosen: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp | spotify | youtube

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