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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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The Coathangers / Slowcoaches – Oslo, London (17th May 2017)

Tonight, the Oslo in Hackney has a bit of Atlanta in them, The Coathangers have arrived. A trio who have been smashing their way around the world since 2006 and continue to flourish with their punk exuberance. The Coathangers are amongst us, and we here at Moshville Times are here to witness it.

London’s the fourth date on their European tour finishing June 10th in Helsinki. I’ve been wanting to see them for some time, since 2011’s Laceny and Old Lace. So, let us get down to the nitty gritty of this stuff, at the back of the Olso in Hackney, London.

London based three-piece pop punkers Slowcoaches are on first. Slowcoaches’ drummer keeps his impressive beat throughout. Singer, Heather tells us of songs about how her friends are married and no longer talk to her. She smiles at the audience (or me, I’m not sure) which grabs me. Her stage charisma is eye catching as is her locking horns to some extent with the guitarist like  two rams wanting to cross the rope bridge.

Julia Kugel of the Coathangers roams the boards, at the back keeping an eye on the proceedings.

The Coathangers release latest EP, Parasite via the Suicide Squeeze in June, which I guess is why they’ve come to the UK/Europe to continue their delightful way of taking over this world. Playing garage rock to the crowd, which has grown over the past hour. Rain pours down outside, beer flows as does lemon water.

The Oslo is a great venue for this trio.  Stephanie Luke and Julia Kugel provide and share vocals. I love how Stephanie sits on her drums and belts out hard and loud angst vocals, I remember the first time I saw a drummer sing. Snuff supported Bad Religion, anyway. The Coathangers are loud, Stephanie’s drumming while singing sends quivering shakes through my backbone. The two vocal styles are perfect, it makes their music different to what you’ll hear out on those things called the charts. Meredith Franco stands to the left of the stage, her basslines keep the tunes on beat. Multi instrumentalists who have tonight taken over Hackney.

You know what? Tonight the Atlanta trio own London. They could put us in their pocket, take us home, and play with us whenever they wanted to, or carry us to their next venue.

The Coathangers: facebook | official | twitter

Slowcoaches: facebook | twitter

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