New Band of the Day: Mystery


To give you an idea of how impressive this act is, let me take you back to the dawn of metal time – 2010 – when the band formed. Rocky and Tony met at a gig. They invited Kris, a friend of Tony’s, to join the band and the foursome was finally rounded out with Josh later in the year.

At that time, Rocky was thirteen and the other guys were twelve. Which means they’re all now barely hitting sixteen.

OK. And?

Well, how about this – they’ve played a variety of festivals around the world – Oklahoma, Romania and Slovakia for starters. They’ve undertaken a world tour including the US. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden, WASP, Guns n’ Roses, Steel Panther

Not bad for a bunch of lads who probably don’t shave and certainly don’t drink (yet).

They have one album out at the moment, which is available worldwide via various distribution channels in the digital format. Those in their homeland of Oz can get it as a triple gatefold CD/DVD as well.

In honesty, they’re cheesy as all hell. But since when was cheesy bad (except when it’s to do with you not showering often enough)? Steel Panther could start a fight with a Brie factory and win, hands down. And they’re awesome.

As well as being cheesy, they’re talented and they’re fun. Check out the video below and see what the rock stars of tomorrow look like before they get wrinkly and end up like Axl…

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