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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Stephan Gebédi of Hail of Bullets

Hail Of Bullets - III The Rommel Chronicles

Hail Of Bullets – III The Rommel Chronicles

Apologies for the delay in this one going up. I really thought that I had posted it, but I guess it got lost in the pile! It was recorded about a moth ago with Stephan Gebédi of the ace band Hail of Bullets.

The recording is pretty good, not perfect, but you can hear pretty much everything. It’s to publicise their new album III The Rommel Chronicles which is every bit as good as their first two offerings. Changing from covering an era of warfare, the band are focussing on an individual.

It was released on October 25th (allowing for where you live) so should be available everywhere by now. Definitely check it out!

So listen on to find out why they chose to pick one person – and why Rommel? How hard is it to document war in song without glorifying it? What feedback have they had from the music? What do they plan for the future? And what was my first dog called? Yes, that came up…

If I get the time I’ll try to transcribe this one as it’s not terribly long, but I can’t promise! In the meantime, enjoy the interview and my thanks to Stephan for a great conversation. Now buy their album!

[download link]

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