coldrain / Wage War / Counting Days – Glasgow King Tuts, 23rd May 2016

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For some strange reason this gig was the first that I attended in what was a very busy week for gigs (four in one week!), but it’s the last one that I’ve got round to writing about. Nobody’s a fan of Mondays but this particular Monday turned out to be an epic, epic day for me. Sunday night I was on night shift guarding a film set in Edinburgh and when the morning arrived I drove home and rather than do the sensible thing and rest up, I got ready for war! By war, I mean I went to my mate’s all day paintball party in Glasgow and as you can imagine with my size it’s difficult to hide, so I got shot to pieces. Tea and medals all round, I got a lift from brother Oleg to St Vincent Street and began to lay siege to King Tuts.

Doors for the gig  were not due to open for another hour and a half but I had no worries about being bored as a large fan base had already congregated. I spoke to people from Germany, France, Japan and from all over the UK who were following coldrain on their tour. I was even blessed enough to be allowed to sign the Scottish Saltire flag that the die hard fans were going to hand to Masato at the end of the gig for the band’s Instagram photo. Top tip, next time you’re in King Tuts I recommend you try their Black Pudding Pizza and Garlic Bread with Cheese, one word – divine!

Belly full. New friends made, the doors finally open and we head upstairs and I was slightly disheartened to see there’s no barrier in place which means one of my favourite past times (crowd surfing) is off the cards tonight. Despite the fact I’ve been awake more than twenty four hours and I’m covered in bruises/welts without even being in a pit yet, I’m buzzing for the first band to take to the stage. I like to think that Counting Days sensed my anticipation as within five minutes of doors opening the London based five piece are onstage and ready to burst some ear drums.

As a band, they’re tight and I’m digging the music in a big way but the major downside is they seem to be encountering a problem that I’ve witnessed in King Tuts a couple of times before – poor audio. When I watch a metal band it’s not just guitars and drums that I want to be thrashed out to the max, I wanna hear what the vocalists are made of too. It really pisses me off to say it but the audio in King Tuts did Thomas Debaere no justice. For a band so good, there was a distinct lack of crowd activity too, bar about five dudes who were head banging. Counting Days need to come back to Scotland soon so I can cause chaos for them and I can hear them hooked up with decent audio.

Next up, all the way from Florida is Wage War. They’re also really good and I made an ill-fated attempt to start a pit but still Glasgow just isn’t up for it tonight for some reason. I decide to stick to the middle of the dance floor anyway and get some bass in the face as by now the sound has improved dramatically. I’ve battled demons before and I will always tip my hat to any band that seeks to spread a message of positivity and resilience. In hindsight I’m happier that the pit barrier wasn’t in place that night as it gave me the chance to shake Wage War vocalist Britton Bond’s hand after he dedicated a song to any audience members who may have been struggling with thoughts of suicide and reminded them that there’s always someone who loves them. A top class act, I’m a lifelong fan now.

Finally, entering stage to some of the most striking opera music you’ve ever heard, hailing from Nagoya, Japan is tonights headliner, coldrain. Vocalist Masato wastes no time in telling the audience to “Get The F**k Up!” I’m in my element at this point as the pit has started to go off.

I’ll also add that I was reliably informed from the fans following Coldrain on the tour that none of the venues prior to King Tuts had experienced a pit. Credit where credit is due, you did yourselves proud at that point, Glasgow. During an awesome ninety minute set it became so warm that you were literally breathing in sweat, I swear I was just waiting for David Attenborough to drop in thinking he’d discovered a small patch of Scottish rain forest. Tell me at this point you’re trying hard not to think about the world renowned wildlife expert in a mosh pit… it’s OK I think Dave would be game!

I got the chance to hang out with the band after the show and you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer bunch bunch of guys. They made time for every single fan, had no problem signing umpteen autographs and posing for pictures. There was free hugs on offer too. Metal band are all big softies at heart it seems!

To sum the gig up in a few words – Three Awesome Bands. One Amazing Night.

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