Band of the Day: MOSH

MOSH - Neurosis MusicalI came across this band by accident when someone tweeted to “them” using my own personal Twitter tag. This happens all the time as my nickname seems to have multiple uses: a science museum in the US, an “alternative” model, about a thousand Arabic people, a hand-held communication device made by Sony a decade ago and more.

Well add to that an Argentinian pop/rock seven-piece (yes, seven) who have just released their debut album. All the information I have about them is on their facebook page and it’s entirely in Spanish, so do bear with me as I don’t actually speak, read or generally understand Spanish… but from what I gather, they’re a new band hence the debut album. Neurosis Musical was popped into YouTube in May and they just released the first video from it, which someone was plugging in the tweet.

Listening to the album, they do seem more pop than rock and the fact there are seven young gentlemen in the group just screams “boy band” to me… but at least they actually play instruments. The seven members cover vocals, two guitars, electro-acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and drums so they’re not seven prancing idiots miming along to a backing track (*cough*Boyzone*cough*).

I gave the album a listen through and there are some decent songs on there but none, I reckon, that would really convert a die-hard Suffocation follower to their fan-base.

Either way, they’re seven young lads plying their trade and as such good luck to them.

MOSH: facebook | twitter

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