Sylosis / Decapitated / Centrilia – The Garage, Glasgow (4th March 2016)

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©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016
©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016

[M] When this show was firstly announced, Decapitated was supposedly the headliners, the main reason I was going however was to see Sylosis. I was not a very big fan of Decapitated nor had I listened to much of their work, so when on the night I found out Sylosis were headlining, this gig already had plans to be brutal as hell for me. The idea of seeing them for the 3rd time and to finally see them play a headline show was causing my head to bang already on the train in! [/M]

[J] As soon as I heard that Decapitated were coming to town I was immediately excited for it. I’ve been a fan of them for over 6 years and I have sadly missed them every time they played the UK previously. Thankfully, this time I was able to attend and was eagerly looking forward to ticking the band of my ‘to see’ list.

Opening the night were local metallers Centrilia. Having a kind of similar style to the other 2 bands they were a good choice of a opening band. Playing a mix of groovy metal with heavier sections here and there, the band delivered a good set and suitably warmed the crowd up for the other bands. (7/10) [/J]

[M] The opening band, although a little generic were a good, heavy opener for the night. The band enjoyed playing and liked to involve the crowd in songs and were a good opener for what was to come. (7/10)

When Decapitated came on stage, their set was going to be my discovery of the band itself, and I can honestly say, I will definitely be listening to them from now on. Such energy, such heaviness, all you expect and love of a Death metal show! I missed about half of the performance due to a very old urge to jump into pits which I had not had in a couple of years, but for a band to make me want to mosh again, they were definitely worth it! (10/10) [/M]

©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016
©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016

[J] Now this was the moment I’d been waiting for for a good number of years. As I was waiting to go into the photo pit, I had a wee glance at their setlist and was suitably impressed by the variety of songs. Opening with “Exiled in Flesh”, the band immediately set about destroying the place with their unique take on death metal. Playing songs from their most recent album, Blood Mantra and a collection of classics such as “Spheres of Madness” and “Post Organic”, the band delivered an absolutely outstanding set. The crowd noticed this as well, with multiple circle pits and crowd surfers being observed. Finishing their set with the superb “Homo Sum”, the band left the place absolutely decimated and the crowd gasping for air and water after raging so hard to the music. (11/10) [/J]

Decapitated Setlist:

  • Exiled in Flesh
  • Blasphemous Psalm to The Dummy God Creation
  • Blood Mantra
  • Post Organic
  • 404
  • Day 69
  • Carnival is Forever
  • Nest
  • Veins
  • Spheres of Madness
  • Homo Sum
©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016
©BuddyJimmy Photography 2016

[M] And finally came Sylosis, from the heavy start of “Indocrinated” to the last riff of “Altered states of Consciousness” the band kept me headbanging and moshing. The mood Decapitated got me into, Sylosis only amplified and made even better since I was more excited to see them. 2 big Highlights of the show would obviously be “Mercy” and “Servitude” being some of my favourite tracks, and although I had heard them in previous sets, they felt much deeper this time. It was as if I was discovering those amazing songs for the first time again, and even in the middle of the pit, I had to stop myself and bang my head like no tomorrow.

A majority of the crowd was insane from start to end, sometimes seeming like they could not choose between headbanging or singing or moshing, as I was; This was just another proof of the great performance put. I must say out of the 3 times I have seen Sylosis this night was definitely the best of them, first due to the longer set from them headlining, and I do believe beingiIn the pit gave me a whole new experience of what a death metal gig feels like.

Thanks to Sylosis and Decapitated, my mosher spirit has been awaken once more and I now cannot wait for the next time I can enjoy them from the deepest middles of moshpits! (10/10) [/ M]

Decapitated: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | google+ | myspace

Sylosis: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram

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