Book Review: The Mega Metal Diary of Cleö Howard 1998 by Sarah Tipper

Photo credit: Bernie Galewski

Mega Metal Diary of Cleo HowardAnother good read from Ms Tipper, and an easy book to plough through in stages due to the diary format. You definitely need to read the first volume (The Very Metal…) before this, but these can be read before or after the following Eviscerated Panda books.

Mega Metal doesn’t have the same emotional impact as Very Metal for reasons which I won’t reveal for spoiler-related reasons, and for that reason I’d say that the first book is better. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with the early life of Cleo Howard.

The author has a good knack of writing in a style that’s believable for a girl of that age. Sometimes it comes across as a little immature, other times quite deep… pretty much the way a teenager’s brain functions. The subject matter is typically late teen as well. It’s the sort of thing I remember talking and thinking about – and knowing girls were thinking about – but squirm at the thought of my own kids contemplating!

Fingers crossed this is another collection that keeps on growing until it catches up with the events in its parent series.

You can get the book through Amazon, either as a paperback or a Kindle edition. Sarah self-publishes, so do give her your support!

[credit to Bernie Galewski for the header photo]

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