Band of the Day: Faith in Glory

Faith in Glory logoMoshFaith in Glory got in touch recently to let us know their new (debut) single is out and, given that they’re a bunch of annoyingly young upstarts, I thought I’d give you a bit more information about them.

Jack and Aiden (guitars/vox and bass/vox) are brothers, but the band members with the most history are Jack and Ollie (drums) who have been in other bands before. Joining them is Brendan on guitars to round out the band’s hard rock sound.

They range in age from 17 to 24 and have a lot of their own personal musical influences, but find that they enjoy playing together as a group and bringing those influences into the mix: metal, latin, rock, blues…

This first single, “Face the Dark” is from a forthcoming EP and it’s a fairly downbeat, mournful track. One could argue an emo influence, but those three letters often turn people off listening which would be a shame. It’s hard to judge a band on a single song, but this shows promise. It’s a little “bitty” – the guitar solo towards the end seems to have been pushed into place, for instance – but Faith in Glory are a young band and this is a first effort.

The ideas and talent are there. They just need time to smooth those edges off.

Incidentally, I like the lyric video (below) – simple but clever!

Faith in Glory: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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