Album Review: Burial Remains – Spawn of Chaos

Dutch death metal supergroup Burial Remains are back with the follow-up of last year’s debut Trinity of Deception. Aggression, variety, and even some melody feature on latest album Spawn of Chaos, with mixing and mastering duties once again falling to Jonny Pettersson (Womb Bath, Heads For the Dead, Nattravnen).

Opener “As Darkness Shall Reign” picks up where the debut left off. It’s short, savage and leaves a clear indication of what is to follow as “Where Death Begins” thunders through with insane drum patterns, and vile guitar riffs and solos.

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Amongst the butchery, “At Dawn Came the Shadows” manages to insert some melody where the tempo is noticeably slower, adding to the appeal of the album so far. This lines up perfectly with the first single release “Slaves to the Cult” which rides the waves perfectly between mid-tempo to full-on hulk smash mode.

The next track, “Spear of Destiny”, instantly took me back to my teenage years of the mid-’90s. I absolutely love everything about this track as it encapsulates everything I remember about old school death metal… Plus it really, really reminds me of Bolt Thrower. I was left on a nostalgic high for 20 minutes as I did repeat the track a few times! The title track “Spawn of Chaos” engulfs everything around it, taking no prisoners.

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The feeling of decomposition is strong in the mixed-pace “Swallowed by Sulphur”, whereas  solo-driven “Legions of Death” marches forward to unleash a frenzied attack. Rounding things off is a cover of Slaughter’s “Tortured Souls”.

Aggressive old school death metal at its finest.

Spawn of Chaos will be released September 5th via Raw Skull Recordz

Burial Remains: facebook | instagram

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