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Album Review: The Other – Haunted

Germany’s biggest horror-punk band are back with album number eight, alongside a returning member to the covenant (in form of bassist Aaron Thorn) and unleashing what may very well be their most bone-chilling effort yet.

Immediately, with opener “Mark of the Devil”, I’m reminded why I obsessed over this band a decade ago. “We’re All Dead” then really grabbed my attention as I feel it could easily have been a Misfits track. It’s no surprise to learn this is actually the album’s lead single. With that being said, I massively enjoyed the guitar parts on “Turn it Louder” for the same reason.

Things go slightly gothic for “Dead to You, Dead to Me” which has an accompanying music video. The band switch pace and also switch to their mother tongue for “Was uns zerstoert” (What Destroys Us).

“On My Skin” is followed by “1408 217” which may seem strange but aren’t random numbers. I personally think they are related to a particular horror author. I could be wrong maybe the lyrics hold a clue…

All that’s missing from the swirling guitar parts of “Vampire Girl” are the fangs and smoke machines, then another song sung in German, “Absolution”- a strong political statement against right-winged idiocy as can be. The band then channel The Cult with the track “Fading Away” before normal service then resumes with horror rock at its purest: “Creepy Crawling”.

“To Hell & Back” is my highlight track on the album as it seems to combine all the elements previously mentioned in one single track. And finally lucky number 13, “The Silence After The First Show” ends this particular chapter of the horror story.

The band wanted to experiment a bit less in favour of highlighting the very trademarks of their sound, which they have succeeded in doing. They have evolved into another era without the need for plastic skeletons and theatrical blood, whilst staying true to their horror-punk stitched hearts.

Haunted will be released June 12th via Drakkar Entertainment.

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