Album Review: Andronikos – King

“My name is Josh and I’m a metal artist from Pittsburgh, PA. I’m formerly from Galactic Empire”… and sold. Josh then goes on to point out that the entire album is a solo work, with the only singer and instrumentalist featured being his good self. More sold. I then popped it on for a listen.

Utterly sold.

King would be a good album for a major act. The fact that it’s the work of one person is simply incredible – and I know I’m risking hyperbole here. It genuinely sounds like there are at least two vocalists on there, and the crushing sound thrust upon you by the likes of “King” and “Burning the Heavens” sounds like it needs a crew of four to produce. But, no.

What’s also surprising is how varied the music is. One benefit of working as a band is that you have several minds creating tracks, throwing in influences and styles that merge to make a collective piece. With one person you risk having something that sounds… singular. Again, King hasn’t fallen into this trap. The songs seem to have a common thread thematically but in terms of music styles, there are plenty chucked in. The acoustic guitar in “House of Verethragna”, for instance, is unique to that song alone. And the piano that kicks off “Archaic Anthem”. Even the play of the clean and harsh vocals off each other doesn’t remain the same from track to track.

I have a feeling this is some kind of concept album as well, or at least that there’s some link between the tracks. I’m just going by the song titles (“Persepolis, 550 BCE”, “Barcelona, 1929” and “New York, 1953” as examples, coupled with “Burning The Heavens”, “Cimmerian Skies” and “Conquering Andromeda”). Maybe some kind of historic sci-fi? I need a bunch of info about this album. Or an interview… Keep your eyes on this website!

Long story short – recommended. Highly.

King is out now

Andronikos: facebook | instagram | youtube | artistecard

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