New Band of the Day: Aborym

Aborym (2013)

I found this bunch randomly while surfing through YouTube – a great way to find new bands. Find a video you like then check out the random stuff that YT shoves down the right hand side of the screen. Within two clicks you’re into “who the hell are… hey, this is good” territory.

Aborym caught my attention as the video I happened across was a cover of Iron Maiden’sHallowed Be Thy Name“, a personal favourite. I like covers, and I particularly like covers that really mess with the original. What’s the point in covering a song just to sound like the source material?

There is no way anyone would mistake Aborym for Maiden… Their facefart page describes them as “hard industrial electro extreme metal”. The “electro” really comes to the fore with lots of sampling, keyboards and messing about with the basic sound. However, they’re still definitely a metal act with some great guitar work.

Their usual material is a lot heavier. Definitely more deserving of the “extreme metal” label. Have a dig, or check out their web page for links to all their social media, with plenty of examples.

While not being a new band by any stretch of the imagination (active since 1991, six albums including a recently-released double-LP), they’re new to me and that’s what counts for these posts. Despite the back-catalogue, I’m popping that cover below as that really hooked me and got me to check out their other stuff.

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