New Band of the Day: Beholder (IT)

Cover of "Wish for Destruction"
Cover of Wish for Destruction

Earlier in the months, I covered British upstarts Beholder. Now, I’m covering Italian long-runners Beholder. They’re from Milan in Italy. Not the other Beholder who came from Trieste in Italy. And I won’t mention the Spanish or Russian bands with the same name (oh, I just did). Or the prog/hardcore crew from Southern Illinois.

Good, glad we cleared that up.

Do note that both Italian bands have split up, but what the hell – you can still get their music so it’s fair enough to cover them. And, as ever, they’re new to me so they’re allowed into the NBotD category.

Beholder (IT) are/were a female co-fronted melodic/power metal band with some pretty good tunes. They managed three demos and three albums before their demise around 2005(ish).

“Wish For Destruction” (below) has to be one of the silliest and cheapest music videos I’ve ever seen, but it’s just wonderful for it’s over-dramatised sweeping hand gestures, combined with a set that looks like the woodwork room in a school. It’s screams “we love our music, we’re having fun, we don’t care” and is accompanied by a pretty damn good song.

The song is a good example of their other material, so if you like it then go and hunt that stuff out.

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