Album Review: Rings of Saturn – Gidim

Rings of Saturn are one of those bands which are difficult to take seriously. Like many bands in the more extreme side of metal, playing 60 trillion notes a minute and guitars in drop-Z are common-place among their songs. Gidim, their newest release, is no stranger to this with many of the tracks having breakdowns heavier than a building collapsing and sweeps that would make a curling team jealous. Yet, in the midst of this madness, there is still some melody which, when it comes through, is absolutely stunning.

Take for example the track “Mental Prolapse”. With a name like that, it’s safe to say that you’d expect something that’s akin to “Prognosis confirmed” from previous album Ultu Ulla. And in some ways, you are correct as it has parts which are a massive shred fest and is just as nuts as you think. However, there is a killer melody that gets time to spread its wings and make it the overall track one of the best on the album.

And it’s for that reason why there’s not really a whole lot more that can be said about this album. It’s crazy, stupid and something that many probably won’t like. However, if you look past the shred and sweep fests, the slightly guitar-pro sounding production and the pseudo science lyrics, you get an album that’s packed with some really killer melodies and musicianship that is off the scale. Which is what Rings of Saturn have gotten good at doing. Showcasing insane levels of musicianship and some good melodies whilst retaining enough madness to still be classified as nuts.

Gidim is released on October 25th via Nuclear Blast Records

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