Album Review: Global Scum – Odium

I’m constantly amazed at the quality of the bands we encounter and no more so than when I discover that they’re one-person acts. Add Global Scum to the list, consisting of Austrian Manuel Harlander, who recently released album number two, Odium.

Described as groove metal, there’s an edge of industrial to a couple of tracks though more in a scene-setting fashion. Harlander has managed to give the sound of a traditional five-piece act (including backing vocals), which is truly impressive.

Odium is a bit of an angry beast with lyrical content seemingly aimed at getting things off its creator’s chest, with subject matter ranging from global terrorism, corruption, fake reality and the like. An edge of politics, but a lot of fury. It’s not a thrasher of an album, but it is heavy. Most of the songs are of the “bash you over the head” type, rather then the “repeated razor slash to the face” variety; hammers rather than buzzsaws. Hardlander has done a great job with the drums and bass, particularly with the churning rhythm on “Disgusting Lust of Madness”.

German-language track “Martyrium” is one of the more interesting numbers as it demonstrates why German is such a good language for harsh metal! Honestly, he could be singing about roses and beautiful sunsets and it would still sound wonderfully abrasive.

Odium is the second release from Global Scum and it’s a very good listen for those who like their metal head-noddingly paced and downtuned to the depths of Hell.

Global Scum: official

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