Album Review: Double Crush Syndrome – Death To Pop

With a name like Death To Pop, an album has certain expectations to live up to. It needs to be rebellious, a bit over the top and definitely containing no pop overtones (unless it’s trying to be ironic). Double Crush Syndrome’s second album manages to be a nicely silly metal / punk album that pays homage to the balls-out catchy numbers of yesteryear without coating itself in too much cheese.

One look through the song titles shows that the band lean towards the angry outburst side of things: “Whore”, “Death To Pop”, “Refuse To Kiss Ass”, “We Cannot Be Ruled”… In terms of sound the band themselves claim to have very much punk influences, but they’re bigger than that. This is like punk with added production values: female backing singers, a “big” sound, bonkers guitar tones… Listening through, the two bands that spring to my mind at Die Toten Hosen and Iron Maiden, the latter very much present in the guitars and final flurry of opening song “Whore”.

The changing guitars and style of each song almost makes this sound like an album filled with guest appearances, where each musician has been allowed to stamp their mark on the track they’re on. But it’s not. It’s a collection of eleven songs, each of which has the same basic roots but otherwise is very different from the others. Even listening to the vocals in, say, “Whore” and “Souls To Sell” it’s hard to tell that it’s the same singer!

The whole thing gives off the feeling that the band had a great time creating it. None of the songs are so long that they get a chance to bore – they kick in, sink a hook into you, repeat it still it sinks in then pass you over to the next 3-minute tidbit. The best bit is that I had a great time listening to it as well.

Is it a classic? No. But I don’t think it’s intended to be. Death To Pop is being put out there as some light relief to the banal cack that it vilifies in its title. Its quick fire nature makes it great to put on when you just need something to pick you up.

Death To Pop is out now

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