Album Review: Tiffany – Pieces of Me

In 1987 “I Think We’re Alone Now” took the charts by storm capturing hearts of nations and propelling the singer to world stardom.

Tiffany, the 80s phenomenon, has sold over 15 million albums to date, setting a record as the youngest female artist to top the Billboard charts with her debut album. With two US number one singles with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Could’ve Been” and two albums later with world tours under her belt at the age of 16, Tiffany removed herself from the spotlight to raise a family.

The singer continued to write music, and in the year 2000 her The Colour of Silence was in the Billboard Top Ten Best Albums of the Year.  In 2011 she released the LP Rose Tattoo, a country pop record embracing the music she grew up on. In 2016 her last album A Million Miles marked the first time Tiffany co-produced her own record.

“Why the hell are you telling us this?” I hear you all ask. Well, September 21st sees Tiffany release her latest record Pieces of Me which is fixed in the rock world. Therefore, we have it.

Opener “Worlds Away” sets the entire tone for the record with Tiffany’s big vocals. The acoustic tune “Feels Like a Storm” has emotional vibes a performer such as Tiffany easily provides. “Waste of Time” stands out with its Nirvana style hook, my attention connected to the Nirvana riff as the angst and downtrodden is removed which suits the style the band are going for.

Tiffany blends tracks with her childhood love of country pop, in “Pieces of Me” and “King of Lies” but the piano-led track, “Hey There” is a pure ballad; no guitar, no drums just Tiffany delicately hitting those high notes. “Starting Over” kicks the record up a notch with its 80s-laced rock.

“Heaven” has an 80s electronic pop vibe. I fancy screaming “Let’s Dance” but I won’t because of a sore throat. With this track she has given us more instrumental sounds adding a different dynamic to previous tunes. The crunchier riff helps the progression of the song also allowing us to hear how Tiffany handles herself with these riffs. Finishing with the dirtiest tune on this album, “Fall”, a continuation of grittier sounds while Tiffany gives us full-on power vocals.

In 1987 Tiffany was my first ever musical crush, she was 16, I was 9, looking back now, it would never have worked and this was a time before finding Headbangers Ball’s Vanessa Warwick and Sean Yseult of White Zombie… Anyway…

Pieces of Me was recorded across numerous locations, including Nashville, LA and London. Bringing together experienced musicians and producers such as Mark Alberici (also lead guitar) and Steven Leiweke, and musicians like The Killing Floor’s Oliver Alberici (rhythm guitar) Cody Waggett (drums) and Jake Barr (bass). There were also guest players; Mark Brzezicki (of Big Country/The Cult/Pete Townsend) and Johnny Martin (of LA Guns/The Chelsea Smiles/Adler).

Tiffany isn’t afraid and certainly isn’t alone now.

Pieces of Me is released on 21st September

Tiffany: official | facebook | twitter | Instagram

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September 17, 2018 8:06 PM

Great review! I can’t wait for the album… even though it was bumped back a couple weeks. One thing: Tiffany was 15/16 in 1987 not 21. ;)