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Review: Fossil Youth – A Glimpse of Self Joy

Making a fantastic comeback from their 2015 EP Intertwined With You, Fossil Youth’s Glimpse of Self Joy is a unique and powerful album, with each song having a different meaning and sound. But, although each song has their own vibe, what I love about this album is that each different sound somehow fits into one another. Personally, I believe this is a pretty difficult thing to do, especially when you take on such a challenge like creating a whole album.

Their genre of emo/indie-rock gives it more of an original feel, with anticipating build-ups and catchy melodies, making each song unpredictable! I’ve listened to a couple songs more than others and have come to realize that each song has a sort of theme. For example, “Late Night Swim” is probably one of the most powerful songs on the whole album. Whilst it may not seem the most gloomy song, after really listening to the lyrics and figuring out their well thought out metaphors, the message behind the song hit me all at once. From my point of view, the song is about that feeling of dread and anxiety when you feel as though you’re doing what’s best for you, like falling in love. But, deep down you feel uneasy, unsure of what lurks around the corner.

This is just from my perspective. This doesn’t mean you need to analyze every single song you come across, thinking it has a hidden meaning or a secret message. A Glimpse of Self Joy definitely encourages the listener to think a bit more, whether it be about the album’s theme or the meaning behind the lyrics. Whatever their intentions, they have really given music a new direction.

Fossil Youth sound like the type of band that like to play around with different sounds, themes, and maybe even genres. What I can say, is that they have broken down tons of musical barriers and taken the risk of making an album with many different sounds. It’s on very rare occasion that I come across anything of the sort, and when I do it’s either something that clashes, or the album as a whole doesn’t make sense.

I’ll be honest, when I first came across the band, I didn’t expect anything so absolutely fantastic. That’s not to say I wasn’t expecting any good material, they just seemed quite simplistic. So after listening to the album entirely, I was almost shocked. The fact a band that I had never heard of before had taken my breath away within an hour just amazed me. It left me thinking “Where have this band been the whole fourteen years I’ve been on earth?!”.

All in all, Fossil Youth have definitely made it onto my list of favorite bands and are bound to break into the alternative music scene in the near future. Their individual sound and unique lyrics are definitely going to bring something new to the table, bringing in plenty more fans. So, if you’re seeking something within the emo/indie-rock genre with plenty of variety, then Fossil Youth is something to add to your playlist!

A Glimpse of Self Joy is out now

Fossil Youth: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud

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