Review: Days Indoors – Dusty Road

Days Indoors are a London-based soft pop rock band. Created by drummer and songwriter Jean-Marc Valat, joined by Joe Killington on vocals, Goncalo Charneca aka Gonzo on guitar and Matthew D. Seal on bass. They are influenced by the likes of the Foo Fighters, Incubus and Radiohead amongst others. Their tracks take their influence from the unexpected twists and turns of everyday life, ‘from heartbreak to idealism’.

Dusty Road is their debut album, following on from the success of their EP Beautiful Intentions. The title track, “Dust”, and second song on the album, reflects the path the band and its members have taken through their music careers. An uplifting track with fantastic poignant lyrics and a catchy chorus.

“Smile”, the second of the two “lead” tracks on the album, starts with low-key chilled guitars and drums, before transitioning into an upbeat number with surprisingly meaningful lyrics. Verses with sensitivity followed by a chorus which you will sing along to with just a little sadness in your heart: “Smile if you want to smile / Be the way the you wanna be”. My favourite song on the album.

“Help Me Find” is just that little bit heavier whilst maintaining the subtlety of Joe’s beautiful voice.  I can really feel the band’s influences in this song.  For those of you out there who loved the band Live, this is a track for you. This track is about finding yourself in a difficult world of experiences. Actually, I think this may also be my favourite track!

Seriously, is there not a track on this album I don’t like? “A Little More”; again upbeat with great lyrics. “In Love Again”: an acoustic track with Joe’s amazing voice, soon accompanied by harmonising backing vocals of fellow band members. A song about being in love and how the feelings are an internal war. Later in the song there is some well-used vocal layering.

“Any Given Day” has a very different sound to it, almost eighties electro for an intro then becoming country in feel.  A pleasant surprise on the album.  I know I have said it time and time again but Joe really has a fantastic voice and this album showcases it in such an eclectic manner!

The final track “Days of Rain” is again a surprise, I can picture something out of a Western.  Yes it may not an upbeat track, but the feeling in it, just gets to you.  A song so many will empathise with and appreciate.

Jean-Marc may be a lyrical genius, certainly someone I hope to hear more of and Joe has a fantastic voice which lends itself to so many vocal genres. Days Indoors are a band I can’t wait to hear more from and will, 100%, be attending their next tour, not only for Moshville Times but for myself too.

Dusty Road is released on 17th March

Days Indoors: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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