Band of the Day: Behold The Brave

Sometimes, all you need in your life is some good ol’ fashioned rock; some music filled with catchy melodies, distortion-tinged guitars, and a classic rock and roll style rhythm. In those times of need, Nashville-based quartet Behold the Brave have got you covered. The hard rock group have been playing for almost a decade now and, in that time, have managed to near perfect the classic American blues rock sound which has become a rarity in today’s music scene. In the wake of releasing their first full-length album earlier this year, the self-titled Behold The Brave, the group have already released a new single: “Great American Challenge”. Clearly not a band to shy away from hard work!

“Great American Challenge” may be great and American, but it is certainly no challenge to listen to, as the roguish rock band bring a sound which is instantly enjoyable, the kind of music which will have you swaying and bopping your head along to within seconds. Beginning with a disjointed and bizarre sounding cluster of electronic sounds, Behold The Brave certainly know how to catch your attention straight away. Once your curiosity has been ensnared though, the drums come to a crescendo and the band kick in to action, with vocalist Clayton Davis leading the way with his gruff, yet still entirely clear, sounding voice.

The single itself  maintains a gentle, almost laid-back feel through the verses, yet at the chorus, the entire band unleashes the full weight of their hard rock might! With guitarist Zach Randolph playing some undeniably heavy riffs, played slowly, almost in phases, “Great American Challenge” reveals itself to have its own edge, with Behold The Brave not afraid to venture in to the heavier side of rock. Truly an experience, after hearing “Great American Challenge”, your appetite will surely be whetted for more psychedelic, blues-infused rock.

Great American Challenge is out now and available [amazon text=from Amazon&asin=B072QDKC5W].

Behold The Brave: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube

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