Review: Lilith and The Knight – Insanity

Hard, heavy, and kick ass. That is the only way to describe London-based heavy metal quartet Lilith and the Knight’s EP Insanity.

All too often, female-fronted bands follow the same path; symphonic singing with clean voices and usually a string section is involved in some way too. Lilith and the Knight are the complete opposite of this, with the band combining a heavy rock sound with a sludgy gothic metal. Think Orange Goblin meets My Dying Bride.

lilith-and-the-knight-insanity-epLead vocalist Lilith shows off her impressive vocal range in every song, able to whisper quietly enough to draw the you in, but scream hard enough to make you feel like you have just been punched in the face. If this is something you are interested in (and it should be), then Insanity should be the next thing you listen to.

Though they only have a few songs released so far, it is already obvious how dexterous Lilith and the Knight are. The title track, “Insanity”, shows off guitarist Adam Page’s ability to play clean sounding, classic heavy metal riffs and solos, with a fast pace. The whole band sounds tight, and it’s clear that they are well rehearsed in their songs. Bassist Tom Louvet and drummer Francesco Azzariti display their ability to work together as the rhythm section excellently in this song in particularly, with the intro consisting solely of the two of them.

This band does not limit themselves to a single sound, and the final track, “Matriarch”, proves how diverse they can be, with the song giving off a heavy, sludgy, and crunchy vibe. This song brings in deeper guitars, a slower pace and a generally harder sound which contrasts the rest of the EP. This song ends the EP perfectly as the music slows down before Azzariti, Louvet and Page play together in one final burst of speed before finishing.

Overall, the EP brings together two ends of the heavy metal spectrum, pairing slow-paced gothic metal with high-speed heavy rock that leaves you ready for their next release.

Insanity is out now. You can [amazon text=download it from Amazon&asin=B01M2UCNZT] and help support this site.

Lilith and the Knight: official | facebook | twitter



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