Review: Pretty Little Enemy – Bitch PLEase!

Prett Little Enemy - Bitch PLEaseImagine if Skunk Anansie were just that edge heavier, but managed to maintain their light harmonic edge in the process. Welcome to Pretty Little Enemy, a four-piece from Zumerzet, who are due to release a 3-track EP on June 3rd.

The first track, “Myles” pulls influences in from so many directions I can picture the writing process looking somewhat like an octopus rushing down the aisles at Sainsbury’s. *whip* Bit of that *whip* packet of those *whip* Must have this… One moment there’s a catchy but light guitar riff, the next the bass has kicked up a notch and vocalist Louise Body goes from airy angel to flame-spitting demon. Foot-tapping gives way to head-banging, audience arm-waving erupts into pogoing.

“Vertebreak” is just a heavier track throughout and the last of the trio “What Makes You” is the closest to the aforementioned Skunk Anansie in overall style with a wonderful opening guitar riff.

Due to the fact there are only three tracks, I’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few listens to the songs and the one thing I can say is that this EP isn’t a “grower” – it’s instant hit, but does get better with each listen. The songs are different enough to be individual without the band sounding like they’re trying to target multiple audiences. They have their sound, it’s a good one and I’m damned if they’ve not nailed it with this small collection.

I gather this bunch are making quite the stir in the south-west and it’s not surprising. If their live show matches up to what I’ve heard from this small sample, we have the trappings of a great little success story.

Pretty Little Enemy: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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