Band of the Day: Dead Dollar Days

Dead Dollar Days logo 192Dead Dollar Days are currently out on the road for 28 dates with 48Hours whose album we reviewed the other day. DDD themselves are supporting their 4-track EP which is available to stream on Soundcloud along with a couple of other tracks. The next date is actually tomorrow night (7th April) at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow.

The band are from some place called London and play a generally upbeat form of rock. A three-piece, they only formed last year and cite the likes of Royal Blood, Muse, Biffy Clyro and Queens of the Stone Age as influences. They do a damn fine job of raising themselves to those levels as well.

With a very much guitar-driven sound, it comes as a surprise that there’s only the one six-stringer in there. Vocal duties are shared between guitarist Bo and drummer Connor while Laurence on bass concentrates solely on laying down the groove. They’re a great rock’n’roll band with plenty of sounds in there that in any given moment can be earworming their way in or making you want to explode.

Pick of the bunch for me is either “Sex Drive” or “Pleased to Meet You” (which might actually not be on the EP, but you can still listen to it). I prefer the more rousing numbers and these two definitely qualify.

The tracks on their Soundcloud are definitely worth a listen and if you head to their official web page and sign up to their mailing list they’ll send you a couple of the tracks for free, gratis and nowt respectively. You can’t say fairer than that now, guv’nor, apples and pears – and I believe they say in that London place.

Dead Dollar Days: official | facebook | instagram | youtube | soundcloud

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June 28, 2016 9:52 PM

[…] group we featured as Band of the Day back in April and who had played a gig the night before with openers 48Hours, Dead Dollar Days are a tight […]