Review: Warcrab – Ashes of Carnage

Warcrab - Ashes of CarnageWarcrab have a very nice person running promotion for them who asked really nicely if people would be kind enough to give their – already highly-regarded  – EP a spin. Being, as they are, an independent and unsigned artist they’re top of the list for this site so I joined the crowd volunteering to give them some publicity.

I’m glad I did, as well. The five tracks on Ashes of Carnage prove once again that just because a band doesn’t have a label behind them doesn’t mean they can’t produce the goods. With technology these days, the cost of recording something – and recording it well – is less than it’s ever been. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with the production on this beast.

Warcrab label themselves as death/sludge/doom, but they’re more than that. There’s a bit of a thrash tone to most of the tracks, with some widdly solos I’d not readily associate with their primarily named genres. This is really heavy, grinding music that you can still get into quite easily.

I’d probably pick the title track as my favourite. I just found myself nodding along to it a bit more than the others. “Catchy” isn’t the right word, but as I’m sat here typing this up I’m pausing now and again to listen to certain bits. There’s even a wonderful Slayer-esque wailing guitar ending to it.

Essentially, this is another wonderful example of a young upstart band chucking out material that’s every bit as good as the “big guys”.

You can find out more about the band via the links below, and the EP can be ordered through When Planets Collide’s bandcamp page. Note that these CD copies are extremely limited! Their first EP is available (digital or CD) via the band’s own bandcamp page.

official | facebook | bandcamp

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