New Band of the Day: Mad Agony

Mad AgonyMad Agony are “100% metal pirates”, which means that they are cybernetic organisms which sail the high seas attacking innocent vessels, killing those on board and stealing all their valuables to pay for new legs and arms from the blacksmith.

Actually, no it doesn’t.

It means they’re a bunch of mad, grog-swilling loons who play very loud, very heavy metal. They’re from Italy – Padova to be exact – and were formed way back in 1991.

A demo in 1992 (The Only Way To Die) was released on tape, but a year or so later the band split up over musical differences and went off to do their own things.

Roll on 2011 and founding member Samael von Martin joined up with  Max Zane (also in an earlier incarnation of the band) with a view to reforming and putting the old songs onto a CD. Over the last two years, one or two other members have come and gone but they are currently a five-piece ready to entertain you with Italian metal!

Unfortunately I can’t embed anything as the only place they’ve got any music online is Reverbnation – instead, please follow the link below and you’ll find five songs there to listen to.

facebook | reverbnation

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