Monday, February 17, 2020
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100-Word Review: H5N1 – A Time of No Tomorrows

H5N1 - A Time of No TomorrowPloughing through the huge outstanding pile again, Canadian old-school death metal band H5N1 have floated to the top of the pile with their debut full-length album, A Time of No Tomorrows.

The album’s already on release and downloadable from their bandcamp page on a “pay what you want” basis. As with any self-released work, I’m only too happy to give them a few words and a plug.

On first listen, this is obviously a low-budget old-school death metal album. Remember listening to those early Obituary albums or Sepultura’s Bestial Devastation EP? It’s like that. Fast, heavy, thrashy and with vocals growled over the top.

What may not be immediately apparent is that the three-piece have  used dual bass guitars to make everything just that bit heavier!

The song titles are typically blackly named with the likes of “Desanguination” and “Infest with Plagues of Blackness” ready to rip out your speakers.

If you like your metal throaty and slightly deranged, then consider throwing a few bucks their way.


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