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One More Victim - Loyalty & HonourCredit for the copy below goes to Craig of Heavy Metal PR. I didn’t see a point in editing or adapting it as it gives a good background to the band! There’s the usual sample track down the bottom as well – think Pantera grooves with a more hardcore edge. The album can be purchased as a download or CD from their bandcamp page.

What have One More Victim, Organised Crime & the UK’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson got in common? Read on and I will tell you.

When you are locked up for 23 hours a day there isn’t much time for anything except unknowingly create a whole new genre of metal without even realising you are doing so. This is exactly what One More Victim frontman Richie Scott did. Having been involved in organised crime the law caught up with Richie and he was sent to prison, One More Victim was put on hold and whilst inside he convinced the prison governor to let him have his guitar in his cell.

During his stint Richie was speaking to one of the other inmates who knew Charles Bronson – at this point One More Victim’s song “Charlie Bronsons Hell” had already been written –  the inmate suggested Richie write to him which he did… the result of this was a new friendship. Charlie hand wrote the song “Honey from the Razors Edge” which is the bonus song on Loyalty & Honour. Part of the inlay card to the CD also contains artwork from Charlie.

Upon his release Richie got One More Victim back together and after a few lineup changes Richie now feels he has the perfect band. Loyalty & Honour is complete and was released in March 2014. The album has been getting praised by sites and magazines including Terrorizer Magazine. One of OMV’s songs was even featured on one of the the magazine’s cover CD’s.

Talking about the song lyrics, Richie says: “Every lyric I write, every word I sing actually happened”. You can hear the pain, the emotion and the rawness in his voice.

OMV are making waves in the UK music scene having already played Mosh Against Cancer 2013 & 2014 alongside bands like Evil Scarecrow, Lawnmower Deth & Kremated as well as playing at Out Of The Ashes Festival 2013. They have recently just scored a slot at this years Scorp Fest and have caught the attention of a couple of record labels, contracts have been offered, however, as of sending this press release no contracts have been signed.

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