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EP review: Snakeyes – Welcome to the Snakepit

Snakeyes - Welcome to the Snake PitFour tracks, one of them a “tribute” rather than a cover and together they’re very much a taster of more to come. Snakeyes have a 12-track full album in the works for later this year.

The Romanian/Spanish group were a Band of the Day a couple of weeks back after dropping me some details about themselves and I did really enjoy what I heard. They’ve released a video for track 3 from the EP (“Shadow Warriors”) which I’ve popped down at the bottom for you.

They’re very much a “classic metal” style of band, harking back to the good old days of the 80’s when the likes of Maiden and Priest ruled the steely roost. Vocals are reminiscent of the bastard hybrid of Halford and Dickinson with a hint, perhaps, of Sebastian Bach. Which would be one of the most disturbing threesomes in the world. Ick.

Despite the small number of songs, they show a good variety in styles. Opener “Time of Dismay” is crunchy and fast with screaming vocals. Title-ish track “Snake Pit” is more sleazy and hard rock, but still with those chunky rhythm guitars. Offhand I’d say it’s more akin to modern-day Skid Row. “Shadow Warriors”  manages to mix these two styles and you can sample it in the video below.

The “bonus” track is a Judas Priest tribute. A song about their songs rather than a cover version – something along the lines of Sabaton‘s wonderful metal-reference fests lyrically, if not in style. A mish-mash of Priest bits and pieces, strung together with some traditional 80’s metal solos.

Overall, a great piece of work. And remember, this is just them warming up for a full album…

SnakeyeS: official | facebook | twitter | google+ | myspace | youtube

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