Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Ex Deo laying down their arms

Ex Deo

Ex Deo (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

Sad news for fans of quality (if sweaty) Roman-themed Kataklysm side-project Ex Deo. Lead singer Maurizio Iacono just posted the following on the band’s facebook page:

Today I decided that Ex Deo and its legions will rest their arms , We will take an indefinite leave of absence , theres a good possibility that Romulus & Caligvla be the only sonic assaults that will ever see the light under the flag of Ancient Rome’s lone but real Epic voice : EX DEO

If another album will ever see the light ..it will be by the will of the Gods and voice of those who believe in the spirit of the once most powerful Empire.. ROME, time will tell .. or not.

I feel we’ve done two great albums , full of passion and Epic passages , no regrets , just proud moments..

It was an education on where we all come from , Roma touched your blood one way or another, either through your ancestry or through your way of life , not believing it is not believing who you really are , because the entire world took a new spin towards a progressive future under Roman rule , hence the world we have today , still imperfect with many defects but forging ahead through progress..we will still post stuff here from time to time , hope you enjoyed the ride .

We thank you for the great comments and thrills you have brought us ROMA CAPUT MUNDI …Forever

I leave you with this great passage from my hero :

” I love the name of honor, more than I fear death ” – Julius Caesar

As one fan said in the comments, best to end things now if you’re not 100% happy than churn something out that’s not up to scratch. Personally, I cross my fingers that inspiration strikes for a third album, but if it’s not to be…

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