More Desertfest announcements!

Earlier in the week, another host of acts and stages emerged from the Desertfest camp to join the riffiest, rowdiest bunch around including Monster Magnet, Graveyard, Eyehategod, Weedeater and many others. Firstly, Old Empire have teamed up with the festival to curate the Old Empire stage, held at The Electric Ballroom. And who else would headline that but the very crown jewels of extreme music themselves; Napalm Death. On the booking, Old Empire said

Napalm Death’s influence on modern metal, doom, grind and stoner music is immeasurable. From the utter head fuck of Scum to the short sharp shock of Apex Predator, these legends have been firmly at the top of our wishlist since it all began. We are incredibly honoured to be hosting them and for a headline slot no less!

Appearing below the grindcore titans are the newly reformed and revitalised doom maestros Warning, of whom Old Empire think very highly:

On the eighth day God (Patrick Walker) created Watching from a Distance – he saw, and it was good… You better have my funeral in a big church because at 50 minutes long it’s going to be a slow walk to the Church doors.

The previously announced Eyehategod will also appear on the Old Empire Stage:

We think Eyehategod absolutely embody the spirit of what Old Empire and Desertfest is about. A little bit of heavy metal, a whole bunch of venom and tons of groove – we’re all well aware of the party that ensues when these NOLA heavyweights take the stage, so get fucking ready!

Black metallers Winterfylleth are also set to grace the Old Empire stage earlier on in the day following their widely well-recieved Bloodstock show earlier in the year.

We first saw Winterfylleth in the backroom of a Kingston pub in 2011. The output from this Mancunian quartet since then has been simply staggering, they have consistently been one of our favourite bands.

Making their live debut, Five The Hierophant are appropriately shrouded in mystery, fitting the festivals’ setting perfectly:

We were immediately grabbed by the intriguing artwork and the dark jazz soundscapes on FTH’s new release Over Phelgethon – Part doom, part drone, part jazz and all oppression. This mysterious band will be making their live debut at Desertfest 2018.

And finally of the new announcements, the fresh faces of Desertfest 2018 will be upstarts ACDX who have been described as a meeting point between Isis, Hawkwind and Opeth. Certainly piqued our interest…

New Kids on the Block, we were immediately impressed when their new EP The Day I Heard the Moon Roar turned up in our inbox. Equal parts Isis, Hawkwind and Opeth. The dictionary definition would simply say of this Essex group, “indefinable”.

Desertfest 2018 will be held from the 4th to the 6th of May in Camden Town, London. 3 day passes are now on sale as is a split payment plan, available until December 12th. Ticket packages with hotel reservations are also available.

Get hyped!

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